Class ContourOpImage

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public class ContourOpImage
extends AttributeOpImage

Generates contours for user-specified levels of values in the source image. The contours are returned as a Collection of LineStrings.

The interpolation algorithm used is that of Paul Bourke: originally published in Byte magazine (1987) as the CONREC contouring subroutine written in FORTRAN. The implementation here was adapted from Paul Bourke's C code for the algorithm available at:

Michael Bedward

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Constructor Summary
ContourOpImage(RenderedImage source, roi, int band, Collection<? extends Number> levels, Double interval, Collection<Object> noDataValues, boolean strictNodata, boolean simplify, boolean smooth)
Method Summary
protected  Object getAttribute(String name)
          Retrieves an attribute by name.
protected  Class<?> getAttributeClass(String name)
          Returns the class of the specified attribute.
protected  String[] getAttributeNames()
          Returns the names of available attributes.
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Constructor Detail


public ContourOpImage(RenderedImage source,
                      int band,
                      Collection<? extends Number> levels,
                      Double interval,
                      Collection<Object> noDataValues,
                      boolean strictNodata,
                      boolean simplify,
                      boolean smooth)
Constructor. Note that one of levels or interval must be supplied. If both are supplied interval is ignored.

source - the source image
roi - an optional ROI to constrain the areas for which contours are generated
band - the band of the source image to process
levels - values for which to generate contours
interval - interval between contour levels (ignored if levels is supplied)
noDataValues - an optional Collection of values and/or Ranges to treat as NO_DATA
simplify - whether to simplify contour lines by removing colinear vertices
strictNodata - if true any NO_DATA values in a 2x2 data window will cause that window to be skipped; if false a single NO_DATA value is permitted
smooth - whether contour lines should be smoothed using Bezier interpolation
Method Detail


protected Object getAttribute(String name)
Retrieves an attribute by name. Calling this method will fire a request for it to be generated if it has not already been so, or if the sub-class does not cache the attribute.

Specified by:
getAttribute in class AttributeOpImage
name - the attribute name
the requested attribute or null if the name does not match any of the available attributes


protected String[] getAttributeNames()
Returns the names of available attributes.

Specified by:
getAttributeNames in class AttributeOpImage
attribute names


protected Class<?> getAttributeClass(String name)
Returns the class of the specified attribute. For ContourDescriptor.CONTOUR_PROPERTY_NAME this will be List.

getAttributeClass in class AttributeOpImage
name - attribute name
the attribute class

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