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public class KernelStatsDescriptor

An OperationDescriptor for the "KernelStats" operation.

For each pixel in the input image, a range of summary statistics can be calculated for the values in the pixel's neighbourhood, which is defined using a KernelJAI object.

Two masking options are provided:

The two options may be used together.

Summary of parameters:

Name Class Default Description
stats Array of Statistic No default The statistics to calculate
kernel KernelJAI No default Kernel defining the neighbourhood
band Integer 0 Source image band to process
roi ROI null An optional ROI defining the area to process
maskSource Boolean false If true, only neighbourhood pixels within the ROI are used in calculations
maskDest Boolean false if true, NaN is returned for any pixels not within the ROI
ignoreNaN Boolean true if true, any Float or Double NaN values in the source image are ignored; if false, nilValue is returned when there are any NaN values in a neighbourhood
nilValue Number 0 value to return for no result

Michael Bedward
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 boolean validateArguments(String modeName, ParameterBlock pb, StringBuffer msg)
          Validates supplied parameters.
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Constructor Detail


public KernelStatsDescriptor()

Method Detail


public boolean validateArguments(String modeName,
                                 ParameterBlock pb,
                                 StringBuffer msg)
Validates supplied parameters.

Specified by:
validateArguments in interface
validateArguments in class
modeName - the rendering mode
pb - the parameter block
msg - a StringBuffer to receive error messages
true if parameters are valid; false otherwise

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