Class KernelStatsOpImage

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public class KernelStatsOpImage

An operator to calculate neighbourhood statistics on a source image.

Michael Bedward
See Also:
Description of the algorithm and example

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Constructor Summary
KernelStatsOpImage(RenderedImage source, extender, Map config, layout, Statistic[] stats, kernel, int band, roi, boolean maskSrc, boolean maskDest, boolean ignoreNaN, Number nilValue)
          Creates a new instance.
Method Summary
protected  void computeRect(Raster[] sources, WritableRaster dest, Rectangle destRect)
          Calculates neighbourhood statistics for a specified rectangle
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Constructor Detail


public KernelStatsOpImage(RenderedImage source,
                          Map config,
                          Statistic[] stats,
                          int band,
                          boolean maskSrc,
                          boolean maskDest,
                          boolean ignoreNaN,
                          Number nilValue)
Creates a new instance.

source - the source image
extender - an optional BorderExtender or null
config - configurable attributes of the image (see AreaOpImage)
layout - an optional ImageLayout object; if the layout specifies a SampleModel and / or ColorModel that are invalid for the requested statistics (e.g. wrong number of bands) these will be overridden
stats - an array of Statistic constants
kernel - the convolution kernel
band - the source image band to process
roi - an optional ROI or null
ignoreNaN - if true NaN values are ignored; otherwise any NaN values in a pixels neighbourhood cause nilValue to be returned
maskSrc - if true only neighbourhood pixels within the ROI are used in calculations
maskDest - if true, nilValue is returned for any pixels outside the ROI
nilValue - value to return for pixels with no result
IllegalArgumentException - if the ROI's bounds do not contain the entire source image
See Also:
KernelStatsDescriptor, Statistic
Method Detail


protected void computeRect(Raster[] sources,
                           WritableRaster dest,
                           Rectangle destRect)
Calculates neighbourhood statistics for a specified rectangle

computeRect in class
sources - source rasters (only sources[0] is used here)
dest - a WritableRaster tile containing the area to be computed.
destRect - the rectangle within dest to be processed.

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