Class RangeLookupOpImage

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public class RangeLookupOpImage

This is a variation on the JAI It works with a RangeLookupTable object in which each entry maps a source image value range to a destination image value.

Michael Bedward, Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions
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Constructor Summary
RangeLookupOpImage(RenderedImage source, Map config, layout, RangeLookupTable table, Number defaultValue)
Method Summary
protected  void computeRect(Raster[] sources, WritableRaster dest, Rectangle destRect)
          Do lookups for the specified destination rectangle
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Constructor Detail


public RangeLookupOpImage(RenderedImage source,
                          Map config,
                          RangeLookupTable table,
                          Number defaultValue)

source - a RenderedImage.
config - configurable attributes of the image
layout - an ImageLayout optionally containing the tile grid layout, SampleModel, and ColorModel, or null.
table - an instance of RangeLookupTable that defines the mappings from source value ranges to destination values
defaultValue - either a value to use for all unmatched source values or null to indicate that unmatched values should pass-through to the destination
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Method Detail


protected void computeRect(Raster[] sources,
                           WritableRaster dest,
                           Rectangle destRect)
Do lookups for the specified destination rectangle

computeRect in class
sources - an array of source Rasters
dest - a WritableRaster tile containing the area to be computed.
destRect - the rectangle within dest to be processed.

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