Class VectorBinarizeOpImage

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public class VectorBinarizeOpImage

Creates a binary image based on tests of pixel inclusion in a polygonal Geometry. See VectorBinarizeDescriptor for details.

Michael Bedward, Andrea Aime

Field Summary
          Default setting for anti-aliasing (false).
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Constructor Summary
VectorBinarizeOpImage(SampleModel sm, Map configuration, int minX, int minY, int width, int height, com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.prep.PreparedGeometry geom, boolean antiAliasing)
Method Summary
 Raster computeTile(int tileX, int tileY)
          Returns the specified tile.
protected  Raster getTileRaster(int minX, int minY)
          Gets the data for the requested tile.
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Field Detail


public static final boolean DEFAULT_ANTIALIASING
Default setting for anti-aliasing (false).

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public VectorBinarizeOpImage(SampleModel sm,
                             Map configuration,
                             int minX,
                             int minY,
                             int width,
                             int height,
                             com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.prep.PreparedGeometry geom,
                             boolean antiAliasing)

sm - the SampleModel used to create tiles
configuration - rendering hints
minX - origin X ordinate
minY - origin Y ordinate
width - image width
height - image height
geom - reference polygonal geometry
antiAliasing - whether to use anti-aliasing when rendering the reference geometry
Method Detail


public Raster computeTile(int tileX,
                          int tileY)
Returns the specified tile.

computeTile in class
tileX - tile X index
tileY - tile Y index
the requested tile


protected Raster getTileRaster(int minX,
                               int minY)
Gets the data for the requested tile. If the tile is either completely within or outside of the reference PreparedGeometry a cached constant Raster with 1 or 0 values is returned. Otherwise tile pixels are checked for inclusion and set individually.

minX - origin X ordinate
minY - origin Y ordinate
the requested tile

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