Class VectorizeOpImage

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public class VectorizeOpImage
extends AttributeOpImage

Vectorize regions of uniform value in an image.

Michael Bedward, Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions

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Constructor Summary
VectorizeOpImage(RenderedImage source, roi, int band, List<Double> outsideValues, boolean insideEdges, boolean removeCollinear, double filterThreshold, int filterMethod)
          Creates a new instance of the operator.
Method Summary
 List<com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.Geometry> getAttribute(String name)
          Retrieves an attribute by name.
protected  String[] getAttributeNames()
          Returns the names of available attributes.
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Constructor Detail


public VectorizeOpImage(RenderedImage source,
                        int band,
                        List<Double> outsideValues,
                        boolean insideEdges,
                        boolean removeCollinear,
                        double filterThreshold,
                        int filterMethod)
Creates a new instance of the operator.

source - the source image to be vectorized
roi - an optional ROI defining the region to be vectorized
band - the source image band to examine
outsideValues - values representing "outside" areas (ie. regions that will not be vectorized); may be null or empty
insideEdges - flag controlling whether boundaries between adjacent "inside" regions should be vectorized
removeCollinear - whether to remove collinear points from polygons
filterThreshold - the area (factional pixels) below which polygons will be filtered from the output
filterMethod - filtering method used if filterThreshold > 0; must be one of VectorizeDescriptor.FILTER_MERGE_LARGEST, VectorizeDescriptor.FILTER_MERGE_RANDOM, or VectorizeDescriptor.FILTER_DELETE
Method Detail


public List<com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.Geometry> getAttribute(String name)
Retrieves an attribute by name. Calling this method will fire a request for it to be generated if it has not already been so, or if the sub-class does not cache the attribute.

Specified by:
getAttribute in class AttributeOpImage
name - the attribute name
the requested attribute or null if the name does not match any of the available attributes


protected String[] getAttributeNames()
Returns the names of available attributes.

Specified by:
getAttributeNames in class AttributeOpImage
attribute names

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