Package org.jaitools.demo.jiffle

Example applications for the Jiffle scripting language.


Class Summary
DirectRuntimeDemo Demonstrates how to retrieve and use a runtime object from a compiled Jiffle script.
GameOfLife John Conway's Game of Life implemented with Jiffle.
JiffleBuilderDemo Demonstrates using JiffleBuilder to compile and run a script.
JiffleDemo A browser for Jiffle example scripts.
JiffleDemoBase Defines some common fields for use in Jiffle demo applications.
JiffleDemoHelper Helper class with for Jiffle demo applications.
JiffleExecutorDemo Demonstrates the use of JiffleExecutor to run a script.
ProgressListenerDemo Demonstrates using a JiffleProgressListener with JiffleExecutor.

Package org.jaitools.demo.jiffle Description

Example applications for the Jiffle scripting language.

To see the various example scripts in action run the JiffleDemo program. It displays a script in a text window and the image produced by it in an adjacent window.

JiffleBuilderDemo shows how to compile and run scripts with JiffleBuilder. This is the easiest way to get started.

DirectRuntimeDemo demonstrates creating a Jiffle object directly, compiling a script, retrieving a runtime object and the using this to process images.

JiffleExecutorDemo shows how to run Jiffle objects using a multi-threaded, event-driven executor service. This is especially useful for computationally intensive tasks.

ProgressListenerDemo shows how to use a progress listener with JiffleExecutor when running long tasks.

GameOfLife is a more advanced example which uses Jiffle runtime objects to drive a simulation where the output image of each step becomes the input image of the next step.

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