Chain Marketing

For any business to be successful marketing plays a very important role. The whole idea to get the product in the line of visibility is very important. Not just that turning the people to prospective customers is a huge task. So, we need a whole set of people dedicated just to do this. Planning and strategizing is very important. As it is in pre written essay if company wants to be successful it is important to take step by step with product creation and its delivering. 
Marketing plan
Planning step is important. It helps organize different aspects of marketing like campaigning. How much when and where to get maximum customers. There are many operations of a business happening simultaneously which needs to be well coordinated. There are many competitions entering the market which may create some disturbances in every plan. Then you need to plan accordingly to change the strategies accordingly. Research is an integral part of planning. Market research to see how sales are happening and keep a check to see whether it is getting negatively and positively affected. Documenting and collecting data of upheavals in the market is crucial to planning. Yearly planning is the thing to do for small businesses. This helps in accommodating the changes happening in the market. The current year should be the focal point of every plan. The plan should be intimated to all involved in to make it work. Suggestions and input should be welcomed by all to help manage it well.

Marketing Strategies

The steps to form a perfect plan. Marketing strategies are unique to a business. A good strategy can help put a great plan to action. A strategy stems from the essence of the company, like the value of the name. take for example any company and what does it remind you, cheap rates better offer etc. That is the value on which the strategy depends. Goals explain the marketing strategies and the plans help in achieving the goals. So basically, both need to go hand in hand. Multi-level marketing is a strategy. It is a method of reaching the consumers, like direct selling. This works in chains system. Amway is one such company.
How does this work

The workforce consists of a person participating to be directly connected to sales. It mostly works within a group of friends and families. Each person involved becomes a distributor. The distributor then contacts friend’s families and creates a chain making everyone either a customer or a distributor. So basically, the stronger your network the better marketing and the better is the sales. Very few companies follow this as their strategy. It needs a very fixed module to work. like the compensation plan to has to in place to attract new consumers or distributors. Mostly if a distributor makes a sale the recruiter to earns a percent on that sale.

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Similarly, if the recruiter himself manages to sell the product and his recruit the distributor under him also makes a sale then the recruiter wins more. So, the number of distributors working under you sells the more profit you earn.

Every person recruited can become a distributor by recruiting some under him. This is how this strategy works.

Another way is Network marketing system. this can be a single tier system. There will not be multiple recruiters or no need to recruit anyone, just sell the product and earn a compensation.

How many tiers are there under one recruiter can be fixed by the company. There can be networks which are name driven or business driven.

To continue this networking model and making it a big success. It is important to earn together and not just earn for self and let your recruiter suffer losses. This system works best if the person whom you join hands with him is as interested in selling and very excited about the business as you are.

Every distributor must plan and market his product. The company should give its full support to the person you recruit. It can be through word of mouth or emails or group gathering. Each to his own as his sales will help his recruiter earn similarly/she, in turn, take care of his own customers and joiners.

So, if anyone who wants to join this network marketing he/she should verify the company and its products. a detailed research is very important.