JAITools 1.3.1 API

org.jaitools Contains a small number of utility classes including CollectionFactory.
org.jaitools.imageutils Helper classes used by image operators, plus general utility classes.
org.jaitools.jts Helper classes that work with JTS (JTS Topology Suite) geometry objects.
org.jaitools.lookup Provides a minimal registry lookup service.
org.jaitools.media.jai.contour Performs the "Contour" operation, tracing smooth contours at specified levels by interpolation of values in a band of the source image.
org.jaitools.media.jai.kernel Classes to create and manipulate JAI Kernel objects
org.jaitools.media.jai.kernelstats Performs the "KernelStats" operation, calculating summary statistics for pixel neighbourhoods.
org.jaitools.media.jai.maskedconvolve Performs the "MaskedConvolve" operation, convolution with the ability to selectively include source and/or destination pixels based on an ROI.
org.jaitools.media.jai.rangelookup Image lookup operator that can handle ranges of values
org.jaitools.media.jai.regionalize Identifies areas of uniform value (within a user-specified tolerance) in the source image
org.jaitools.media.jai.vectorize Vectorizes boundaries of regions in the source image with uniform value
org.jaitools.media.jai.zonalstats Calculates summary statistics for values in a data image, optionally within zones defined by an integer zone image
org.jaitools.numeric Classes providing a range of numeric functions including summary statistics, defining and comparing ranges (intervals), and compiling histogram data.
org.jaitools.swing Simple Swing GUI components suitable for testing and example applications.
org.jaitools.tilecache An implementation of TileCache which can use disk caching to supplement memory, allowing large volumes of image data to be handled.
org.jaitools.tiledimage A writable tiled image class similar to JAI's TiledImage but backed by DiskMemTileCache to handle very large images within limited memory.


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